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Marc Bascougnano: A Video-Artist With A Cartoonish Outlook

What does it mean to Create Something Brand New? The Term can be used for a multitude of reasons. But (generally) when somebody talks about creating something new, it really isn't that interesting (they just throw something on it's head). So what happens when we (actually) discover something brand new? 

Well you must be a Creator in order to Create. Very few of us have the Distinct Ability to Create Something New. And Luckily our Guest Today is known for taking pre-conceived Art Forms & Mix them in together to come up with something fresh. His name is Marc Bascougnano. And he is a Video-Artist with a Vision All His Own. 

The Logo for "Running Time" (Marc's Company). 

The Logo for "Running Time" (Marc's Company). 

Marc is a Video-Artist with an Cartoonish Mindset. But what does that exactly mean? Well for those who remembered my Marko Jack or Sara Goodman Articles, you'll remember the strides in Glitch-Art. Glitch might be the most famous sub-set of Experimental Art going on in the world right now, and it's easy to see why. Glitch is both Beautiful to look at & infinite in the possibilities you can do with it. Glitch can be mixed and mingled into different Art-Forms, both Traditional & Experimental. And you can transform almost anything you want by using tools in the Glitch sector. 

I had the ability to Interview Marc Bascougnano over on his work (which we will get into extensively). But if there is one Term I can deceiver above the rest it is the term "Annihimation". What that means is that he tries to take something Static & Give It Life. But don't take My Word For It. Here Is a Screenshot From Our Interview of him Explaining it. (Please Excuse Some of The Literacy In His Answers, he is French and this Conversation was laid back). 

Some of the best examples of "Annihimation" is with some of his most recent shorts. 

Quite Possibly the Best example of "Annihimation" is Ball_Ed. What Marc is able to do with this Short is take a Cartoon and use the Background to manipulative the Entire Short. Without the Glitch Effects, this Cartoon would look Static & Bleak. But all of the Glitch Effects that Marc uses gives this Cartoon a sense of depth. It mixes with your senses, and therefore, it's more alive. 

We are transported into a new world where we feel the Motion of life. Every Second we get a glimpse into our subconscious state. And every Frame is a new Vision to help us change our lives. It is a Video that shows more about the Viewer than the Cartoonish World it explores. 

One of the Coolest Scenes throughout the Entire Short is in the Time-Code 4:21 (pictured above). Here we see a life-like Globe take over the Face of a Viewer. It's real-life, taking over the Animated World. It's Marc, using his abilities as an Artist, to take over the Pre-Conceived World around him & give them something Brand New. 

A lot of these Images are Static without the Glitch Effects. Meaning they live in a motionless society. It is the Background that gives them life. And therefore, it is the Background that we focus on. This Short is Brilliant, and I urge Everybody to go ahead and watch it. Link is Right Here: (https://vimeo.com/215633245) copy and send it to everybody you can. We must show this Short To Everyone. 

UPDATE 7/21/2017: Since The Original Posting of This Article, Marc has Uploaded a New Ball Ed Video titled Ball Ed V. Here It is. I will be writing this Updated Segment in Italics. Once The Italics are gone, you'll read the Original Article that was Posted on the 11th. 

So one thing that we will notice right off the bat is that this new Video Perfectly Utilizes "Annihimation" in the very first shot (shown above). It also sets the tone that this Video is very Dream-Like, and that Sound is going to be crucial. He also made a point to make sure that this Opening Image is both the Most Clear & Most Abstract Image at the same time. The Dream World is going to mix with the Cartoonish World. And The Video is going to stand out because of it. 

I urge Everybody to Watch This Video (even more than the Original one). So I won't spoil the entire Short. But I did want to talk about one Amazing Moment. In The Time Code 2:46 we begin by looking at a Clear Image. But then Annihimation takes place and completely distorts this image. This Happens Over The Course of 10 Seconds. And what we get out of it is the Image We See Down Below. 

The way that the Image Changes is Unbelievably Creative. At first the Distortion is more Static & Electronic. But As we get into the Final Moments, a Burst of Light Shows Up. Then The Image has a Real-Life Wave Quality towards it. It's unbelievable, and one of Marc's best Moments from any of the Videos I've watched. 

I strongly suggest that you all check it out & share it. Marc wanted me to include this & I simply couldn't resist. His Work Is Outstanding and this film could be his very best yet. It is certainly his best example of Annihimation. So Check It Out And Enjoy! 

Now right below the July 11th Photo we will get back to the Original Published Article. Ball_Ed V won't be mentioned nor will this Paragraph. Keep That In Mind & Enjoy The Original Article. 



But Ball_Ed isn't the only piece of work that Marc uses "Annihimation". Marc is somebody who certainly uses the Philosophy of "Annihimation" to create Endless Possibilities. Which means he has the Heart of a True Experimentator. Below, we will see a Film that Looks Different, but has a lot of the same qualities that Ball_Ed Utilizes. 

Marc's most Recent Video is called Furberies. As you might already notice, the Video stars Modified Ferbies. But to state that this is the only aspect of the short worth mentioning would be missing the point. As we can see, the Background begins in Deep Space. Space as a Metaphor can be used for a Multitude of Reasons. But in the case of this Short, I feel like it's used as an Examination to Explore something Alien In Nature. And this Backdrop ultimately sets the tone of the Rest of The Video. 

Next, we try to see the Ferbies try to mix with the Sounds around them. Unfortunately, Everything becomes Distorted whenever they try to do this, and the screen becomes more Glitched. Despite looking cool (which it does) this has some Artistic Depth when talking about how the world views those who are different. 

You see whenever an Outsider is in a town and/or setting that believes in different morals than your own, you feel lost. Sure, there might be some Social Damage as far as how others treat you. But the main crux is the feeling we have inside. And no other term can be used when we are lost than pure shock. The Shock happens frequently in the world for our Ferbies, too much in fact. 

And that brings us to our other point, the time. The Video is a tad bit longer than you're general Experimental Short, and this isn't on Accident. The length is a subtle nod to how we all feel when we try to push ourselves in a Living EcoSystem that consistently disappoints us. It's continuous, long & treacherous. But just like our Ferbies, we should continue to fight regardless of how we feel. The Backdrop also adds to the Statement, as it is a Metaphor for Discovery. Here is an Explanation From Marc on the Subject. 

I already stated that the Backdrop started out in Space. But it doesn't stay that way, especially with each Shock-Glitch. This is a Metaphor that showcases, despite our failures, we always learn something new. We aren't stuck in One Place; we can be anywhere and learn everything if we put in the effort. And each step (no matter how harsh) is a step towards knowledge. It's Brilliant & Observant. It's the Human Experience put into Alien-looking Ferbies. And I dare you all to share the Video & see what other people interpret from the meanings. 

Now before we get into the Next Video, I wanted to introduce a Subject Called Circuit-Bending. 

What Circuit Bending is all about is taking Old Analog Equipment & Creating New Video Effects with the Technology. It's all about poking around & Experimenting with the Video-Feed in this world. Here is his Explanation on The Subject.

What that Paragraph basically means is he takes some Wires, mixes them all together & comes up with something Brand New. And he told me it was really addicting. The Circuit Bending Process is far more Fascinating. I've never played with Video Wires (and neither has a good majority of people), but they can completely change & Distort the Way a Video Looks. It's very fascinating, and I commend that all of you look at it yourselves. LushProjects Wrote a Great Article on the Subject, Read It Here. 


Alright, here is Another Brilliant short titled Left Foot. I urge Everybody who is Reading this to watch this Video on the Largest Screen Possible. The Experience is Magical as you feel like your being entrance to a new Plain of Existence. And that's what the Video is all about. 

If we ignore the Awesome 80's Looking Intro, we start to notice a Head Shaped Figurine heading down a Black-Hole. Generally, A Bright Light represents Birth or Rebirth. We are about to be rebirthed into a new Society. And because it is Light Purple, we know to expect something more Alien & Odd (as opposed to a Blue Light which is Comforting). Then the Beat Drops & The FrameRate Rises. After this, the whole Experience is based on the Viewers Taste. 

Because of that, my Explanation is certainly going to be my own. You can watch the Video and see if you catch anything that differs from my opinion. But because it is so powerful, I thought it was best to share my Experience. Please Share yours in the comments if you feel so inclined. 



As we notice, the whole Film has to do with Lines that Bend. Rather they are Thick Lines or Invisible Ones that stay in between others. The Metaphor here is, ironically, metamorphosis. Human Beings are told to follow a Straight Line. But our Pulse makes these Lines Crooked, and therefore, more exciting. We Naturally bend the World around us, and create Shapes that are Unexplained yet Vital to our Sight. The Round Shapes represents our Souls, always beating with the Pulse in our hearts. The Souls change the course of Nature and therefore entices our Pulse. It's a Cycle of Endless Discovery, created by our own Natural Instincts. The Whole Video (for me) was nothing more than an Endless Voyage of Discovering Myself. The Images matched with my Brainwaves, the SoundEffects matched with my Pulse. I was the Video & The Video was a Mirror of my feelings inside. 



And that is what the Video really is to everyone, a Mirror. I'm very aware that I want a World where everybody has a Unique Path and that Discoveries are Endless. I mean, I named this Blog Visionary Discoveries for a reason. But other people are going to get something else out of the Video entirely. But regardless of what lesson you gain, it will be a lesson from yourself. 



This might also explain the title Left Foot. Generally, when we say the word Foot (not Feet), it's about putting one in front of the other. If we look at Society, we can assume that most people put their Right Foot first and their Left second. It's predetermined by Society to Conform & Lose yourself to the Beaten Path. But if we simply change our Footing Pattern, then the path below it can change as well. 

I've talked about VJ's on this Channel, and Marc is certainly a Great-Example of what a person can do with Video-Art. Here is his Explanation about the Subject, down below. 

As I stated before, he is a Circuit Bender. This means he is in charge of the Technology he uses while Performing the Art. Glitch-Art (as already stated) is very Durable in the infinite Possibilities one can utilize. The Great Aspects of Analog Video is that it feels far more alive. And unlike a lot of VJ's, he knows the Technology from an Engineering Standpoint. 

One last Video we should look at before we end this Article is Megiddo Council. This Video uses Still Drawings & Places Glitch Art over it. As I stated with the last two Videos, this Video is also transcendent in its intentions. For Starters, we notice that the Drawings are drawn in Computers (Microsoft Paint Like Software). This goes in with the theme I'm going to talk about, how Computers have Destroyed Art. 



See, when discussing with Marc over the interview, he stated that Art has lost all of its meaning in the Internet Age. And rather I agree with him or not; it is true that the Internet has made everything oversaturated. Art isn't meaningful unless somebody (like myself) writes it otherwise. Otherwise, it's nothing but a Collage of Random Images/ Videos/ Music/ ETC. 



And this adds to the fact that the Glitch Effects are Analog (not Digital). The Analog Effects take over the Computer Drawn Pictures, despite the fact that the Analog Glitch Effects are less noticeable. And the Music Progresses as well. In the beginning, the Music is very Minimal & Technologic (like an old-fashioned 80's Computer). But in the end, the Music is more Atmospheric & Grand. It adds to the fact that Analog Art (despite being made by humans) is alive & warm. Technology is Cold & only exists within itself. Analog can bring our Creative Wonders. Computers can only bring out what we already pre-conceive to notice. It's a Video about the importance of Analog over Digital. And it's used using Animation from Computers. 

To end this off, we must talk about what it means to Create Something Brand New. The Feeling is Empowering as one person can Inspire The World Around Them. Marc Inspires the World & Therefore he continuously tries his best to Create something new with each-project. 

So the next time you feel like you can't Create, Remember Marc. After all that he's done, you'll be Inspired To Try Something New Yourself. 

Thanks so much for Reading my Article on Marc Bascougnano. His work is some of the best you can find in the Experimental Sector, and he was a real treat to speak to. 

Remember to follow him on Vimeo & Bookmark his website. I promise that there are so many Videos of his waiting to be explored. This Article is (literally) the tip of the Iceberg. So do yourselves a favor & explore every nook & cranny of his work. 

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Thanks so much for Reading This Blog. I hope I give you all a New Discovery with Every Posting. Have a Great Night and remember to always support Visionary Talent wherever you see it. 

Well you must be a Creator in order to Create. Very few of us have the Distinct Ability to Create Something New. And Luckily our Guest Today is known for taking pre-conceived Art Forms & Mix them in together to come up with something fresh. His name is Marc Bascougnano. And he is a Video-Artist with a Vision All His Own. 

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