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Aaron Stevens: A Natural Artist With A Story To Tell

When we hear of the term "Artist," we generally have a vision of a well-known person. But as multiple of my readers already know, being well-known doesn't necessarily garner Artistic credibility. And (luckily) a good majority of Artists already know this. But this adds another question to these up and coming Artists? What is the difference between a Natural Artist and an Artist who tries to be natural? 

Well, the first aspect anybody should look at is the person's outlook. How is their thought-process shaped by the way they grew up? Or how have they improved in the present? Well, today, my fellow readers are in for a treat. Not only does our fellow Artist possess a fantastic outlook, but he's garnered with a Story that is quite inspirational. 

But before we get into any of this, a proper introduction is warranted. So allow me to personally introduce Aaron Stevens, a self-taught painter who continuously impresses. He lives in my home city of Denver Colorado and is terrific friends with Elizabeth Colunga (a person I already wrote an article about). But he is most well-known for being an Artist who uses his craft to extend his personality. And that last statement is the central thesis of this Article. 

Now that our Vague Introduction has ended, let's dive into the characterization of what makes a Natural Artist. Well, the first aspect is growth. How does somebody Grow as their Influence expands? Do they stay in the same place, or are they able to (figurately) levitate above their selfish needs? Well, Aaron has certainly used his somewhat tragic backstory to help others. 

To make a long, sad story short, Aaron was Adopted at the age of 10. Before that, well (I'm not going to explain the details due to respect) but let's just say it was very heartbreaking. 

Now I don't bring this up to make people feel sorry for Aaron. Rather I say it because a lot of our personality is made in childhood. And if you had a Tough Child-Hood like Aaron, you might have a lot of Anger & Doubt towards this World. And this is understandably so, as that upbringing must have been a nightmare. But it is worth to note that pure bitterness is not the way to handle a Tragic Situation (no matter what it was). And, luckily, Aaron is a Bright Soul who can make you smile in the Darkest Moment. He never makes it his goal to force this Tragedy onto others. In fact, he learned from it (which is the best mindset you could have in this situation). And because of his upbringing, he is able to help out other young kids who might be going through the same. But it doesn't just end in his positive outlook in the world. You can see this in the Art he has made. 

A Recent Example of Aaron's Artwork. 

A Recent Example of Aaron's Artwork. 

In some of his earlier paintings, you can see his Anger fleshed out. And, again, this is understandably so. Aaron went through a rough childhood, and Art is used as a way to showcase your inner-thoughts to the world. But the way his Art is now, you'd think it was painted by an entirely different person. But that is why Aaron is an excellent example of Growth. 

Right above is a picture of a Sad Woman who is beaten up. Now we can interpret if this is a literal or figurative representation of what Women go through. And it is a fantastic  Art-Piece that has a lot of depressing reality towards it. But that's a double-edged sword, as some of us only see the Depressing Realities in life. This Painting is Great, but it isn't the only representation of what life can bring. And some of us (Artists included) only focus on that Depressing Truth. 

Now we can look at a Modern Painting. This Flower is a Perfect representation of Beauty. But more importantly, it shows how Aaron grew from that art he created a few years ago. It revealed that (despite his charm) he had a lot of bitterness in his soul. He felt like the world was still only an ugly place. But this painting above shows that Aaron has seen the Beauty. It might be hard for him to see what happened in his childhood. But, luckily, he doesn't define his character by that experience. And this is a great attribute of Growth. 

Here is a very recent Painting that showcases the battle Aaron must be facing while trying to grow. 

Here is a very recent Painting that showcases the battle Aaron must be facing while trying to grow. 

Now, growth is important (as I just stated in 500+ Words), but it isn't the only thing that matters. Growth only works if you are willing to put that new mindset into Action. And luckily, Aaron has put this into Action, in a very respectful manner. 

Aaron is in charge of a service where he goes to different houses and paints multiple items (Walls, Furniture, Cabinets, ETC). I already mentioned that Aaron is a Self-Taught Painter (I know it sounds random to bring this fact up again, but bare with me). This means that he didn't go to Art-School or learn it from a higher authority. Now I do want to emphasize that (during our conversation) Aaron had nothing but the highest respect for those who did learn in a Program. He even has some close friends who were in these programs that he looks up to a lot. But it's also good to note that Aaron didn't feel like he HAD to go to School in order to start this business. 

An example of a Mural made by Aaron Stevens at Straight Line Finishings. 

An example of a Mural made by Aaron Stevens at Straight Line Finishings. 

In a world that oversells the importance of a diploma, Aaron trusted himself and started this business. He could have had doubt and taken the safe road, but instead, he took a risk. And it was a risk that was uncertain but crucial for his growth as a human being. Thankfully, because he opened this business, he now has an opportunity to sell his natural artistry to a group of people who weren't looking for it in the first place. After all, when do House-Painters get the credit they deserve? But Aaron goes out of his way to make sure every house is painted with Precision and Depth. And it all comes at a fair price, which means he isn't doing it for greed. Instead, he is doing it because it helps him grow. It is an extension of his character, and it helps to inspire the world around him. 

If you live in the Denver Metro Area and want to see his Action in work, the Facebook Page can be found here. It showcases the Phone-Number & the Email Addresses you can contact if you are (legitimately) interested. But to end this segment off, I want to stress that Aaron was able to use his talent in a way that could inspire those who didn't see it beforehand. He was able to Trust himself, and the world around him, and now has a great business that continues to do very well. This is incredibly Inspiring, and Aaron should garner a lot of Credibility for creating this business

Now there are a lot of traits Natural Artists have that I don't have the time to go over. Hopefully, I can showcase these points in future Articles. But there is one more term I would like to focus on before I end this Article. That word would be Humility. Yes, that is a word that defines a Natural Artist. And that is a term that encompasses Aaron Stevens to his core. 

Let me explain why this is important. Most People (Americans especially) are not Humble, even in the loosest term possible. This is incredibly truthful with American Artists (myself included). We live in a Culture that is very Patronizing, and therefore, Bratty. A lot of us feel like we can become significant just by repeating our pride over and over again. We get a false sense of importance, even if it is in our heads. 

Now, this mindset can be blamed on culture, but should also be a criticism of the person who refuses to change. After all, the World has always been a Crazy Place. We can't blame the world for refusing to be enlightened. And this Enlightenment includes ignored topics, like humility. Most of us aren't humble, but luckily, Aaron is. 

A Showcase of Aaron's Humility. 

A Showcase of Aaron's Humility. 

Aaron and I didn't have a super-long conversation (about 45 Minutes Top). But the one trait that was evident from the very first second was the humility he possessed. He was very grateful and compassionate when I introduced him to this blog. He was completely understanding when I told him that this Article was going to take longer than expected. And he is still very happy that this Article even happened. 

An older Painting from Aaron Stevens. 

An older Painting from Aaron Stevens. 

He is also very humble to those who appreciate his craft. While most Artists are Prideful (sometimes it is for good reasons), he sees it as a way to help others grow. He Paints because it helps others, not just because it helps himself. And it is that love of helping others that defines his personality. 

A more recent painting from Aaron Stevens. 

A more recent painting from Aaron Stevens. 

During our conversation, he even talked about opening up a place for Youthful Artists who can Creatively Express Themselves. He even Invited me to be part of this endeavor. That is pure Humility, a trait that I envy in great detail. And we had a deeper conversation about all of our creative decisions. We talked about the World, ourselves and those we appreciate. But don't take my word for it, listen down below yourself. That's right; I have our entire conversation down below. Listen if you have the time. 

Hopefully, you can see that Aaron is very open-minded & humble. To end this Article off, I wanted to talk about the traits of being a Natural Artist. The Biggest Trait is a real sense of knowing in yourself while using that knowledge to inspire others. Aaron is a guy who always grows & encourages others to do the same. Now you should all take a chance and grow with him. Will you? Or will you be looking back in shame? Only time can tell. 

Aaron Stevens is a fantastic human being, and I'm pleased to have written this Article. Follow his Facebook Page Here, and his Business Page Here. It is worth your time. 

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