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Here Comes Everybody Analysis

An Analysis of Here Comes Everybody, Episodes 21 & 22

Welcome to the first article where I dissect & discover the hidden meanings in the online Neoteric Mixture show called Here Comes Everybody. If you want to know more about The Creator & The Process of the show itself, you can find an Article right here. With that out of the way, let us look at and Analyze Episodes 21 & 22. 

Episode 21 of Here Comes Everybody was released on Youtube on April 2nd of this year (2018). Episode 22 Conversely was released on May 8th of this year (2018 again, lol). In it, we see of the longest episodes to date. So let's Stop Waisting Time & Jump Right Into It. You Can Either Follow The Time Stamps placed in this Article or click on these (pt. 1)  (pt. 2) (pt. 3) (pt. 4) (pt. 5) and follow along with the Youtube Video. Alright let's dive into-

The First Video is a Camera-Driven Journey starring Toto The Cat. The First Thing you should notice is the Juxtaposition between the Music playing Underneath & The Actions of Toto. You will notice that Toto's surroundings are natural, with the centerpiece being a tree. 

Now you can Take This Short From Two Different Angles. From One Angle, you can say that The Cat is trying to Run away from the Camera (or Technology). He keeps hitting the Camera & trying to Rush away from it's eye. Toto can be running away from The Person or The Camera itself, but the idea is that he is trying to stay in Nature. That's the First Angle. 

The Second Angle is the complete opposite concept. It could be the Cat Discovering The Camera, using a Climbing Tree as a Metaphor for Toto's Growth. The Music that plays in the Background could represent an Adrenaline-Like Rush of Revelation. 

DISCLAIMER: The Next Three Films Are Part Of The Same Video, Episode 21-1. I will Inform You With A Giant Banner when we Switch Over To 21-2 (as I will with the next three videos after that). So if you already watched the Entire Video Up Above, you can Skip watching these again.

Since this is a Short Video, the Analysis will also be shorter than most. But don't let this fool you into thinking there isn't any depth here. In fact, you can say that this Video is a Reflection of the Soul right as it is about to Fade Away (or Collapse).

The reason Brian uses the words from Daniel Devaughn (a poet who's work can be found here) is because it is in itself a Reflection of how we all feel. We want to become our Reflection in those Dreams. We see Reflections in our Television Screens, Advertisements, Neighbors, Friends, Lovers, ETC. We are always trying to strive to become somebody else, which is what makes us Sink in an Endless Ocean while everybody else seems to Swim. The Poem is a Complimentary Piece to the Video, not the other way around. And because of that, I believe that the message coming from this Video is that we should focus on Swimming Throughout Our Lives rather than Reflecting on Everybody Else. If you disagree, please leave a Comment Down Below with the words COLLAPSING RESPONSE: in front of it (all in caps, otherwise I probably won't pay attention to it). But this is a very introspective Video, so it's probably best to decide what you will see from your own viewing. 

It's best to say that this Video is designed around enjoying the Viewing Experience of Mike's Work. It is probably best left to be a Visual Antidote to your busy day, like a Visual Drug of sorts. But there is still a lot to see & contemplate in this Video, so let's take a look. 

If you can tell (Mike did a Very Good Job Blending all of the Colors together), you will be able to notice raining Eyes & Mouths falling onto a Lake. And from time to time, you will notice Silhouettes popping from the backdrop. From what I can gather, there are four people boating on a lake. And the Colors represent one of two things. 

The First (and probably correct) theory is that this is a representation of having a good time with your friends on the lake (with some mind-altering substances to exemplify the Joyous Occasion). But since that is too easy for me to accept, allow me to introduce a second theory. This Video could also be a representation for Adventuring into the Unknown. Early-Human Settlers used Rafts & Boats to seek out new land (and it looks like there are on a Raft in one of these images). This Theory could be a Fourth-Wall Breaking Concept for the Viewer, allowing Mike to take them into the Unknown. He is the Wind Guiding your Boat, and your supposed to find new answers in the unexplored world of Experimental Film. The Waves on The Video may not be Water, but Brain  Waves that transfer information towards you. Each Mouth/Eye could be a Nugget of Knowledge being transferred to you. Mike Celona is very well-versed in creating Films where you can either Contemplate or Experience. So make your own decision & enjoy his work. 

Although this is the longest Video in Episode 21, it is also the one I will talk about the least. Because this isn't an Experimental Film, rather a Documentary on Experimental Film. Every question you might have gets addressed in this video. So it really doesn't make a lot of sense to examine a piece that is about Examination. So instead, I'm going to ask all of you to go over to the Exploding Cinema website. Here you will be able to find out more information if the Documentary up above intrigues you. I would also ask all of you to like their Facebook& Twitter Pages. This is one of those instances where Fabrizio explained the appeal of Exploding Cinema better than I ever could. And if any of you are ever interested in my input on this film, I might write (of talk about) the full version one of these days. 


This is a Film created by Marc Bascougnano (a person I did an Article on back in July of last year). So if you want a deeper understanding of his Philosophy, you can read that to get more out of that specific article. But this one particular Short Film has a lot to say. 

For Stupid Americans (like myself) the title translates out to Worms In The Head. This is an Appropriate Name, as the themes are centered around Forced Propaganda (or at the very least, brainwashing). The Film has a Black & White Filter, symbolizing how the powers that be want you to view the Human Experience (through simple notions of Good & Evil). Within the first few seconds, you will notice a Happy Pig Face, which looks innocent enough. This is until you realize that we are the Pigs To Authority, only breed to be slaughtered and eaten (figuratively of course).

You will see that the Film primarily focuses on Statues, Buildings, Cranes, Symbols, ETC. in the first half. This is how the Establishment forces it's reign upon you, by creating buildings that make you look small & weak. The Music In The Background also enforces the idea of Mass Confusion, as a Clear Sound will never be heard in the jumbled mess that is our world. 

Towards the end of the Film we see Kids Dancing (or at the very least, twirling) in a Circular Motion. This can resemble a couple of things. Either A.) We Distract Yourself's in order to stay sane in this Chaotic World or B.) We have the ability to change our fate if we work together. I prefer A because the last two images showcase an awakening of sorts. The Man Screaming before the Film Finalizes is his Realisation into the World around him. But as the Film Scratches indicate, it is too late for him to make any sort of impactful changes. Maybe we should wake up before we end up in the same place as this man. 

Here is another Short Video, but an important one if you are living in the United States at the time of this writing. It is no coincidence that Experimental Film is tackling some of the bigger issues of the Trump Era (as should anybody else). But it is hard to quantify how serious it will be in an Abstract Sense. Well, Eli Elliott does an incredible job examining what we are in for. 

The Music that plays underneath the Video has a dire Rhythmic Feel towards it. Rhythm is often accompanied with Repetition. This can be a sign of good repetition, but it can also dire. And in the case of Eli Elliots Male Character, the song underneath represents the fact that his character is going to repeat this cycle throughout his life. I see it as the Real World Results of Global Warming, but you can also see it as a reflection of The Human Experience moving forward, Dry & Empty. The Wind that is gusting isn't affecting our Male Character, as he is already used to it. The Winds Of Change are here for us to discover, like a Crystal Ball that sees into the future. The reason the Male Character covers his face in the end is because he knows that he could have changed the past. We can change the present. But will we? Hate to sound like a pessimist, but probably not. So we are going to be covering our faces in the next 30+ Years. We are currently experiencing the Winds Of Change, and none of us are going to like the results. 

We go from Two Audio Heavy Films to a Silent one. Taylor Creek reminds us to examine ourselves while watching films. Why is this? Well I tend to think that this Film is supposed to represent a type of Memory. While Traditional Films tend to look at Strong Memories (as well as other forms of Art), very few look at Faded Memories. Or think of it as the idea of remembering certain images without placing yourself in that time. That is why I think this Film is Silent, because you are supposed to focus on your own breathing & try to place yourself in this Film. I think we all have memories being in a Park and/or Natural setting like Taylor Creek. And while the experiences might be just as banal as everything else we do, we remember them as being larger than life. 

This is why the Leaves Move in a Dizzying Pattern, because you are trying to place yourself in this setting once again. But your mind doesn't know how it will or what to do with these vague images. Now Taylor Creek is a reasonably sized City-Park on the outskirts of Toronto, so there is a good chance that this Film represents the mind of the Busy City-Person trying to enjoy nature. But the silent aspect that Dan Browne showcases makes me believe that this is an Abstract Journey into the most confusing parts of our memories. 

And this is Part 3 of The Anarchy in The UK series (part 1 wasn't featured on this Months Episode). I'll state what I said here with what I said before. Check It Out, but I can't really Analyze and Examine a Documentary. A Link Towards This Entire Film can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpNA75b2hCw. 


This Film is supposed to Represent Flight towards the unknown. the Vector Based Waves are basically representations of Hills & Ridges. So why does our stick around & play around with the land below? Why don't we ever see the destination?

Well, the larger theme in this short is the idea of being stuck in limbo. Wireframe Imagery does a great job showcasing base ideas without showcasing depth. In this case, the Imagery makes it look like the Soul (or Dream-State, Imagination, ETC.) wants to find a destination, but it doesn't know where to look. Every option looks the same, and nothing below will open up for us to explore. We keep Drifting in Limbo, trying to find this destination. This is probably why The Hills are nothing more than a bunch of basic lines stacked upon one another, because we cannot give ourselves a real sense of shape when we are lost in our own personal limbo. Nothing is more than a bunch of basic lines telling us to go nowhere. 

Throughout most of this Article, the Film begins when Will places the Title Card on the Lower Left Hand Side of the Screen (which is why I'm not telling them myself). But this Film starts off with a BANG!!! The Color Pallet (or multiple Flashes of different Color Pallets) explains how this Ghost Story is represented. It isn't quiet & haunting. This death is Loud, Abrasive, and full of Anxiety. 

For those who are younger, this Film is about real life actress Frances Farmer. A basic Wikipedia Article can be found right here. And while this Article can help, I don't think that is the intention of Nick Toti's work. From the Audio Alone, I get the sense that Frances was an Independently Minded Woman in a time when Females were expected to be nothing more than Obedient Dogs to their Male Counterparts. She might have suffered through Paranoid Schizophrenia, but I don't think she was born with it. More than likely, she probably developed it as her sense of independence was dwindling. 

But the larger point of the story is how Hollywood represents Heaven in the American Spotlight. Now I'm not a person who can speak about Hollywood in a nuanced manner (if there is a Blacklist on Artists Hollywood Hates, I'm certainly on it). But the Story Frances Portrays is one of trying to escape Worship. She hated Church as a child and got ridiculed for it. So she sought after another place where she could be herself. Hollywood opened up it's Golden Gates and offered her the spotlight. Unfortunately, it was nothing more than a bunch of lies. She was put back to that same place she found herself as a child. This time however, the industry made her pay for her lack of conformity. In the end, she accepts that Hollywood is her god, and that she will obey the master.

The Ghost that travels around The Walk of Fame represents a Truth in American Society. That Worship is the only thing that really matters to those who seek answers. Fame is one of those Toxins that tries to sell itself as the solution to your real world problems. And just like any other Tool of Worship (like Religion, Education or Government) Hollywood is selling the same Toxin it did back when Frances Farmer was around. They punished her for thinking for herself, and you should consider this before joining Cult-Like Entities that promise you a reward. 

Blizzard Art examines the dynamic idea of trying to get rid of Fear. The Faceless Person is trying to take out the Worm-Like Pieces of Paper & String that tie her up & keep her in a state of constant worry. The Music Underneath examines how her mind is currently working, lopsided & confused. Her goal is to have a clear head while traversing through life (which is examined in the Faded Edit of her head, surrounded by hands that can't penetrate through her eyes anymore).

Once everything is removed though, she feels empty & lost. So she places the Worm-Like Piece of Pink Paper back to where it was, and continues to live in fear. Why is this? Well, because at the very least, Fear gives her the ability to seek knowledge & make goals. This is when an empty head makes her meaningless & obsolete. She has an image of these Fear Strings dripping down her face like tears. It makes it seem like she misses living in that state. So it makes more sense (for her) to place it back & continue to set goals for herself. 

I won't lie, this was one of the harder ones for me to analyze. I am not as accustomed to Performance Art (which is what this is, a Edited Performance Art Piece) so I don't know if I got it or if I'm WAYYYY Off. So if you disagree, please comment below with BLIZZARD ART: in front of your response. I would like to know how others feel. 

Science & The Bible Pt. 2 is obviously a sequel to another video. I haven't seen it (as of this writing), and I assume most of you haven't watched it either. So for the purposes of this Article, we are going to treat this like it's own video. 

This Video is supposed to be more of a Visual Antidote. You are supposed to sit down & allow the Visuals to take you on an Abstract Journey. So this is another case where my Analysis shouldn't be the focus of this Film. But allow me to give you some insight into what is going on here. 

While this Film showcases a multitude of Shapes, the most obvious & blatant one is a Square. In fact, you can say the Film is about the Transformation of Squares. What does that mean exactly? Well to quote the 50's, a Square describes somebody (or in this case, something) that is Old-Fashioned. So while I don't think it was his intention, Leslie Rollins is Transforming two Old Entities and creating something new. Religion (when it isn't a tool of conformity by Insecure Angry Americans) is supposed to be about finding Spirituality through a higher power. Science is (in a basic term) the study of trying to find facts about the Universe through Research & Study. Both of these seem like complete opposites, and in a factual way they are. But in an abstract sense, both of these concepts are about Discovery. And the imagery you'd see in this Film is about using the Manipulation of Shapes to Discover your abstract mind. 

The Squares can also be a Metaphor for thinking Outside The Box. Since they are in a constant state of Metamorphosis, their is never a Box to stick inside of. The Box will change rather you like it or not, and you can move with the motions or stay stubborn and force the World Around you to be Square. 

This Video is fairly long, and it is more about the Transition of Imagery than it is about the discussions it might raise. But give it a fair shot & explore the inner depths of your Abstract Worldview. 


Just like the Title Suggests, this is a Hypnotic look at Paint meshing & mixing into one another. The Dance of Reality is subversive if you place your eye into a Microscopic Lens. But what does it mean as a whole? 

Well what does Paint represent as a whole? Some would say Art (which isn't false), but if you look in a broader context, Paint represents Expression. Certain Colors having different meanings to the human eye. And it's because of these Expressive Properties that Painting is generally seen as the Go-To Ideal when one describes Art. Most people don't experience Paintings as much as other Art-Forms (like Music for example) but when they hear the term Art, they generally think of Paintings first.  This is because of the Power Color has on the Human Eye, being the most expressive tool in a Visual-Artists Pallet. But how does that help us with this particular film? 

Well if you notice, you will see that Two Layers of Edited Film are mixing into one another, just like the Colors. The Colors are mixing together to (hopefully) create a brand new color, which will help expand the use of expression. This Film (despite being placed in the fourth part of the episode) is like an introduction to a new form of Film Expression. The Music being played underneath has a Futuristic Bubbliness towards it. Both of those terms deal with Metaphorosis, which is the bigger theme at large in this Movie. And by the end, we have sat through a brand new way to look at film.

This Film has a couple of angles going for it. For starters, I think it's more than likely that this is a Dream (but I'll discuss how it might be something else down the article). So the idea is about Exploration through Dream-Logic. It is obvious that she is going through a City, but the City isn't supposed to represent anything more than a Playground for the Main Character to Explore. Think of it like how you would feel the first time you discovered a City (and didn't study its Geography or anything).

The Dream could not be a legitimate Dream at all, but rather a wish made by the Main Female. It is clear that she would like to Discover the City the same way a Child would Discover their local forrest. To her, it is wondrous & innocent. As most of us know, Cities are far from Innocent & Blissful, in fact, it is pretty much the place where the Innocent are destined to fail. But she wishes for a City where she can go travel beyond & everybody is there to help with her wonder. It is a wish I believe many of us had a children, which could represent that this is a Child's Dream (with the Adult Female just representing a Motherly Figure of Exploration of some sorts). 

The Final Theory in all of this is that this isn't a dream, but the main character treats it like one. Have you ever felt so exhausted in your life where you felt like you weren't awake? If we are going with this, maybe the Main Character is going through a moment where she doesn't feel alive. While most of the time, this is a living nightmare (trust me, I know), her Dream Logic could actually be helping her to rediscover the magic she has been missing all this time. At the end we see Two Representations of the Same Character, One in Red & another in Blue. The Color Blue is obvious, she is depressed (or at the very least upset) with her living style. I also believe that this is how this character conducts (or conducted) herself once she moved to the city. The Red One could be her inner Dream-Like Persona bursting out & rediscovering a Youth Type of Wonder. Normally, we don't show this in Real-Life, and keep this persona in the realm of Dreams. But because the Two are being intermixed, The Dream Persona is actually helping the Real Persona rediscover something wonderful about the City. 

If none of these match the bill, it can also be a Simple Montage about somebody Exploring a City. Some of the earliest Avant-Garde Films were called "City Symphonies" where Footage of Cities were accompanied by Music. But most of them didn't have a Character we followed, so I highly doubt that this was supposed to be a resurrection of this film style. So I do believe that this Film has more to it than meets the eye. And the question really comes down to what Dreams represent & how they affect your life. 

This Film was made by David King, a person I previously wrote about on Visionary Discoveries. This Film is very reminiscent of some of the work I covered in that Article. But for the sake of this Article, we are going to treat it like it's own thing (in other words, if you read that article I'm going to be repeating myself). So on that note, what are some of the main aspects in this short film? 

Well, for starters, we can tell that he is using an Erratic Editing Method that you rarely ever see in Mainstream Films. This is a statement on his useful look on Paranoia & how people feel when they loose control. Although Short, this does a great job examining how the Pulse Reacts when Confusion is Involved. The Incredible Imagery that surrounds each & every Shot is dealt with lines that showcase different filters. It shows that the Character (or Characters) are trying to find the meaning in the Boxes that they created for themselves. But as they come to notice, nothing is certain if you take another glimpse. 

You can say that this delves into Alzheimer's or Memory Loss, but I feel like it deals with Guilt over anything. The Paranoia that out main character is going through is about his guilt. What that guilt is? I honestly can't say. But I'm almost certain that David used this film to focus on the Paranoia of Guilt itself, so that it would be easier for the Viewer to relate. Most people have been in a crisis where they have felt guilt (I know I have). You are supposed to examine, look into yourself & then learn from your own examination. That is (what I feel) is the purpose of this video. 

This is another Example of a Film that is more about the Journey rather than any sort of Analytical Depth. In fact, the obvious Metaphor in Systemic Lullaby is Transformation (which I hope all of you saw). So it doesn't really get much deeper than that. But instead of Analyzing any sort of meaning, let's examine how Robotboot creates the Transformation. 

If you will notice, the first Symbol (or shape if you want to be super technical) is shaped like a Diamond. In the real world, Diamonds are often seen as the Jewel that resembles Everlasting Life. In other words, it resembles indestructibility. The Transformation represented in this film is geared towards trying to change something that is Indestructible. And as you'll notice, it takes a while before it changes towards a Sphere (or Circle). 

Eventually this Sphere disappears, which represents a Transcendence. What does all of this mean? Well I believe the Abstract Nature of this Film can represent anything for anyone, so here is what it represents for me. For me, this film represents the Transformation we all go through while walking through life. At first, we feel Indestructible and try to stay still. But as the World throws it's issues towards us, we begin to transform into something more whole (which is what the Circle Represents). We might feel weaker, and the prospect might look scarier from a distance, but we gain more knowledge through that process. The Transcendence (obviously) represents Death, where we stop Transforming & go into a Realm that is shapeless & in the past. 

But again, if you find something else in this Film, please feel free to comment down below. 

While this Film isn't a Documentary, a lot of the same elements can be derived in this short. But Unlike the Celebratory Nature of The Anarchy In The UK, this Film sends a Valuable & Important Message. 

One of the great aspects about Experimental Film is the ability to take you out of your comfort zone & place you into a place where you need to examine & pay attention to what is going on. A lot of the times, Experimental Films are nothing more than placing a piece of Reality to observe in all of it's valor. They are here to give you some insight & direct messages. Instead of being Abstract & Vague, they are obvious & impactful. These Films might not have the benefit of being good pieces to Analyze, but they are Films that can be understood by anybody. 

I won't spoil the message or anything of the sort in this piece. But needless to say, these types of films are necessary in order to strive forward in the Human Experience. I don't have anything to say, but I'm certainly you'll be thinking about this Film for the rest of the day once you understand. 

I think it is safe to say that this Film deals with Exploration. The Sailing Boat in the first few seconds can easily persuade any viewer towards this concept. But what are we trying to explore? Well, I believe it has to deal with chasing an abstract light, or chasing ideals that don't have a clear solution. The Film plays around with Light (as many Experimental Films do) but in this instance, that aspect is the focus. From these lights, we see shapes that Transform towards Mountains, Lines (which represent Stairs) & a pulse like Circle which could represent the joy of finding answers in our world (the Golden Color represents finding the Gold Standard in living life). This is with images that showcase Space, Scuba Diving, Flying, ETC. In other words, this film is saying that our lust for chasing ideals that don't have solutions, and what we can gain from exploring these notions. Exploration comes from chasing something that doesn't quite exist yet, yet it is a part of Human Nature to look for answers in places that might not have a solution. It is our innate nature to explore light, and therefore explore ideas that aren't safe or easy to understand. This film delves into this and therefore it is important to view. 

Again, if you find something else, please comment down below so we can talk about it. 


This Film is an obvious case where we are supposed to look at the idea of Television. But how do we view what Television is really about? Well you would notice that there is no clarity throughout this entire short, and that two images are overlapping one another in order to compensate a singular image. This is a direct representation of the Television Industry and the messiness that comes when an Artist isn't allowed to focus on their craft. 

You see, Television is all about Teamwork, which sounds nice at first. Until you realize that many Artists are fighting for the same goal, a place to showcase their visions (or at least, I would hope so). Because of this, nothing ever becomes clear, and no true vision ever stands out in the limelight. Instead we see a mess that technically resembles television, but it doesn't have a vision that is clear. The Industry that focuses on Technicals loses it's Art, and therefore it's purpose. Rather you love Television or not, it's safe to say a good percentage of the content is only based on Technicals, and has no Artistic Merit at all (think of the shows on TLC or HGTV). Even TV Shows that have Writers & Directors don't focus on the Artistry, but rather the Stream of Distraction. There are people who want to bring a real vision of art in the medium, but it never really turns out that way. That is why Television (in it's modern state) represents nothing more than Artists having to fight themselves & create imagery that doesn't have any personal clarity. It's a Medium that has the ability to spread it's wings, but stays in a confusing mess of chaos. That is what this Film is about. Feel free to comment if you disagree with my statement and/or Michaels feelings on the film. 

Morgan Dusatko is another Artist I wrote about on Visionary Discoveries. This film is short, but poignant. It's basically 2 Video Haikus (as obviously stated) but the placement of these two are very fascinating. 

Morgan makes us think that we are missing every poem from 3-27 (and maybe they exist, but they don't here). This passage of time represents something that happens when we grow older. When we are in our Early 20's, we have a clear understanding of the rules that are supposed to be followed. Some of us might not follow them or like them (that would include me), but it is obvious what Society Expects from us. The Haiku being read here resembles that of a Teacher giving his opinions to wide-eyed students. 

The Second Haiku in the Red Courthouse (or Pillared Building) is that of a person who tried to follow those rules & ended up being more confused than ever. It didn't give him clarity, it gave him chaos. And his mind keeps wondering off into directions that he never expected that it would. 

These Two Haikus represent the Actions of what happens to those who live a basic life in Western Civilization. And the end isn't a pretty picture. Listening is often taught as obedience & being obliged towards society. But in all honesty, listening is about discerning the world around you & coming up with your own conclusions. The Man Morgan portrays in this film never thought for himself (the character, not Morgan the real man). And when he hits that Midpoint, he is more confused than ever. Time doesn't stop for anybody, and it is best to use this knowledge to better ourselves in the long run. 

What does it feel like to die in a Hospital Bed? Nobody knows for sure (except for possible spirits that lived through that experience). But I guarantee you it is something like this short. 

Taylor uses this short to examine what it feels like to go through something so traumatic. So Shattering & Terrifying. In fact, it might be one of the scariest ways to die, which is sad considering that it is so commonplace in death. Hospitals are a testing ground for what might come over the Horizon. I don't necessarily believe in life after death, but the ideas are very intriguing and give a sense of growth towards those who are about to pass away. Hospitals aren't the last place you sit in, they are the first place you walk away from. And this Journey Concept that happens after one dies in perfectly examined in this film without showing the Journey itself. Rather it shows the Scary Beginning of realizing that you just went through a Traumatic Experience. 

It's safe to say that the Purgatory Like Room is there to get introspective. And in this case, it is the introspective of being poisoned. The Main Character might walk out one day, but it won't be for soon. Because right now he has all the time in the world, and he's using it to remember the last moments of his life. A Scary but Insightful Concept if I say so myself. 

This Episode was created by the creator himself, Will Erokan. I'm also fortunate enough to have written about his work as well. So check it out once you get the chance. 

So how can you showcase the inner workings of a Visual Prayer? What does it mean to bring something so interpersonal towards a individual person? Well, that is very difficult to showcase on film. In fact, most major motion pictures showcase scope in order to show how important prayer is (or they have a terrible monologue). While this is impactful, it doesn't really have any impact on your heartstrings, you kind of just enjoy the sheer impact of the whole thing. 

This Film showcases the Journey one might go through while praying. And Will does it by using Glitch Art as a way to showcase personal cleansing (which is what prayer is to a vast majority of people). By using the particular music, you can tell that this music has a lot of value to the person praying. It reminds you of a Organ you would hear at a Church. But the weight comes in the form of the Glitch-Art surrounding the Main Character playing on Screen. Glitch Effects are very good at showcasing Transformations in a very abstract way. While most Artist like to use Glitch as a way for the viewer to Transform, Will uses it to Transform the people in the background. It is almost like the Glitch-Art represents a Higher Perspective that can only be understood in the abstract-thoughts of prayer. But maybe that is just my perspective. 





Felipe Herrera