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Episode 1- HYPE CULTURE- Featuring Devo-Cutler-Rubenstein

Hype Culture is one of the biggest problems going on in Modern Day Art. It is an issue that a lot of us must look at & see if it applies in our worldview (especially Artists). What exactly does it entail? 


Hype Culture is when a Powerful Person/Entity tells an entire group of people to get hyped for a certain project. An obvious example of this is the latest Avengers Film. The Problems arise when Self-Discovery in the Arts are Muted when the Powerful hand you over your tastes on a silver platter. 


Before we continue forward, allow me to introduce you to my guest Devo-Cutler Rubenstein. She is a Screenwriter/Artist who is known for creating 16mm Films that explored the ideas of Culture's obsession with itself. She has made a career out of Exploring the Ideas of Narrative by mixing Conventional and Unconventional methods of Storytelling. She is known co-writing Peacock Blues. Her Husband (who is also a writer) is known for writing episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She is also known for Teaching Writers how to improve their Scripts and build more 3 Dimensional Characters. A website detailing her methods on Storytelling can be found here: www.datingyourcharacter.com/.

Her knowledge is very useful, a PDF exploring how to create Killer Loglines can be found here. 

But to assume that her only contributions are in the storytelling realm would be ignorant. Her Career spans into multiple outlets, which include Stand-Up Comedy & even being a Studio Executive. She is a huge fan of Painting & has worked on Multiple Experimental Films throughout her career. One of her most prolific films is NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH, which is a film that deals with her battle with Breast Cancer. A Link To That Can Be Found Here:       

Her insight into this Episode goes really deep into explaining what it is that makes Hype Culture so problematic. 


Down Below Is a List Of Questions That I would Like All Of You To Go Over: 

1.            Why Does Our Modern Culture like to Treat Art the same way as a Sport? Why do they like to see Winners & Losers in a Field (pun unintended) where it doesn’t belong?


2.            Why are people obsessed with being part of the Larger Whole when it comes to Artistic Discovery? Why Does Artistic Expansion have such a Social Construct towards it?


3.            How Can You Spot The Difference Between an Artist who is Expanding Their Craft versus a Competitor who wants to become successful?


4.            Is It Possible For An Artist to make it without participating in Hype Culture to some extent?


5.            Why do Humans feel more rewarded for following the pact rather than being personal leaders?  


6.            What are some of the ways we can showcase the joy in Personal Artistic Discovery over Hype Culture?


7.             Will Hype Culture ever die out, or is it a mainstay in Art?

Aside from the First 20 Minutes (where we talk about out experiences) this podcast delves into these questions throughout. I suggest that all of you ask these to yourself while listening. 


Now that you have listened to Episode 1, consider the next topic, How To Expand Your Artistic Horizons In a Marketed World. It dives right into the same sort of topic as Hype Culture. Here are some of the questions for you to consider. 

1.            When Did Personal Growth & Expansion become so obsolete in the Modern West? 


2.            How (if any) can we teach people to discover on their own over staying in a comfortable cycle of Corporate Giveaway. 


3.            Why is Marketing so effective in getting followers rather than simple customers (especially in Entertainment)? 


4.            How Can Somebody teach themselves to stop listening to Marketing & start listening to themselves? 


5.            What can Artists do to promote Personal Expansion & Growth (if it is possible)? 


6.            Where can people find important Artists & Movements if they never had the passion to find it beforehand? 


7.             Will Personal Expansion ever overtake Marketing? 

If you are interested in being a potential Podcast Guest, email me over at hypnoticvisionaire@gmail.com. This Episode will be best with Multiple Guests. Thank You and I hope you all enjoy Expansive Mindsets! 



Felipe Herrera